Express Foils is a new product that people can use at home to achieve a professional look. No skill is needed. Easy to use foils stay in place.


with foils that stay in place and color that won’t run

Color Made Easy

Express Foils gives you an easy, affordable way to get a professional style color from your home. Our patented product is so easy to use you’ll be amazed by what you can do.

1 Package = 1 Color

Each Express Foils package contains 15 foils, which is enough for a single color of most hair types and styles. If you’re doing more than one color, or have thicker hair consider our 2 pack.

Coloring Since 2015

We’ve been around helping people achieve professional style color affordably since 2015. Whether you’re coloring your hair or your daughters, Express Foils is here to help.


Color at Home

Maybe you want to save money, maybe you and your best friend decide to make a change at midnight, maybe you have 4 teenage girls at home and cant afford for each of them to change their hair color every few months. This is why I invented Express Foils!




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